The iPod cannot be synced. The required file cannot be

3 Sep 2009 The required file cannot be found" and it does this ALLLL THE TIME! C:\Program Files\iPod\bin If your ipod freezes itune anytime it tries to sync, just chill, dont disconnect, just remove the usb cable and then its gonna bring a pop up message saying itunes could not read content of ipod and it'll then ask  9 Mar 2011 Fix “required file cannot be found” iOS 4.3 syncing error to transfer photos from iPhone to a computer, it's the same for iPad and iPod touch.

Solved: The iPhone cannot be synced. The required disk Disabling the files that were on the network drive in itunes completely solved my problem. So if you ever read “The iphone cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found.” Make sure that all the files that you are trying to sync are actually accessible.” could someone please explain or do it on my computer Fix iTunes Error The Folder "iTunes" cannot be found or Feb 03, 2010 · This video shows how to fix the error message "The folder iTunes cannot be found or created, and is required. The default location for this folder is inside

iPad2 cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found

22 Apr 2011 The required file cannot be found. Within the Package Contents folder, find and right-click on the file called “iPod Re-sync your iPhone. When iTunes can't locate the file necessary to sync your photos to your iPhone, a message displays stating iTunes can't locate the required files to sync to your  If you are receiving "The iPod [iPod Name Here] Cannot Be Synced. The Required File Is Locked" error while trying to sync your Apple iPod using iTunes as recently had trouble with my ipod (2nd gen 2gb nano) and found this site. i tried this 

You can search for specific file names or for file types to easily find the file you’re looking for.

iPod no longer shows up in iTunes and can not sync. - iPod Right click on the iPod drive and select Properties-->Tools-->Error checking-->Automatically fix file system errors-->Start. Once it's done, eject your iPod and reconnect it then try restoring from iTunes if needed. iPod won't sync with iTunes because "required file cannot Dec 16, 2018 · iPod won't sync with iTunes because "required file cannot be found" I’m trying to load photos onto my iPod (and I have done this before) but during a sync iTunes quit unexpectedly, deleted all my photos in the process, and now will not put them and a few new ones on because it doesn’t have “the required file”.