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2020-1-2 · You can always add music files to iTunes. After you save or copy an MP3, AIFF, or WAV file on your hard drive, you can simply drag it into the iTunes window to bring it into your library. If you drag a folder or disk icon, all the audio files that it contains are added […] How do I upload music from my ipod to my itunes library 2009-8-20 · I uploaded some songs to my ipod over the summer down at my cousin's house and now that i am at home I would like to upload those songs to my itunes library on my computer so that I can upload the same songs to my new iphone 3G (just got it yesterday). The main thing i want to do is get those songs on my ipod nano to my iphone. Please help! How to Import Downloaded Music to iTunes Here's a quick guide on how to add downloaded music to iTunes. You can also use free audio converter websites and apps to do the job. How to Backup Your iPod Music Collection with OS X Lion and iTunes 10. Add Hundreds of Songs to iTunes at Once Using Folders. Transfer music from iTunes to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

1 Aug 2011 How to transfer music from an iPod to the computer First, don't let your iOS device sync with iTunes when you plug it in to a new computer or  can i upload songs from ipod to itunes? - Apple Community

Equipment I USE: https://www.…shop/helpvid This video will show how to download music videos from you tube to watch on your device without a wifi cSolved: I-pod i just updated i-tunes to the latest version… i just updated i-tunes to the latest version (from 7.0 to 8.0) but now my library is gone from i-tunes but all - Apple iPod nano question

How to Transfer Non-Purchased Music from iPod to iTunes Solution 1. Transfer Non-Purchased Music from iPod to iTunes with dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS) iPod Transfer dr.fone - Phone Manager (iOS) iPod Transfer is a perfect solution for the users who want to transfer non-purchased music from iPod to iTunes, and it enables users to finish the task in seconds.You can transfer music from iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch to iTunes fast. Easy Ways to Transfer Music from iPod Classic to iTunes "Old computer died. Have a new one. How can I transfer all the music files on my iPod classic to iTunes on the new computer?" Got a new PC and now want to transfer music from iPod classic to iTunes to build your iTunes library? With all songs on your iPod classic, if you attempt to sync it with iTunes, iTunes will remove everything on your iPod classic. How Can I Put Music on My iPod / iPod touch without iTunes 2018-4-2 · Part 3: How To Put Music on iPod without iTunes SyncBird is the perfect iPod Music Transfer software that comes to help you put music ON/OFF your iPod without iTunes. Similar as iTunes, SyncBird is a desktop app and works for transfer your music, videos, TV Shows and other media content between your Mac computer and all your Apple devices. How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

can i upload songs from ipod to itunes? - Apple Community 2009-3-25 · Question: Q: can i upload songs from ipod to itunes? they are still in my i pod but i can't connect it with my pc to upload new songs because my ipod will lose all the other 2000 songsmaybe there is something i can do but i really don't know howcan someone help me? How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod 2020-1-4 · iPod is warmly welcome by music fans for its portability and capacity which holds thousands of songs at a time. If you are new to iPod, then you may need to build a new playlist first according to your own preference, and it is essential to know how to transfer music from iTunes to iPod especially when you want to make good used of this gorgeous device. How to Transfer Music From iPod to iTunes | It Still Works

I’ve got a couple of emails asking me how to change the iPod owner’s name. At first, I thought that it is kind of weird that anyone would want to change their iPod names; until I realised that there are instances where pre-owned iPods were…