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Patch of dead flowers - Virtual Villagers: A New Home

Virtual Villagers: A New Home - All Puzzle Solutions Sep 24, 2017 · Make a master famer fish in the lagoon until they come up with the strange fish. The fish will increase the fertility of your village. Puzzle Seven The Cemetery: This Puzzle Requires Level 2 Spirituality. Upon your first villagers death, drag a villager up to the top right corner of the screen.

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In virtual villagers how do you get the lagoon to fill Aug 17, 2006 · Puzzle 2 is the first of 3 additional huts that your villagers will construct as your population grows and your villagers require more housing. The huts will be initiated, as needed, by one of your builders. Your population is limited to 7 villagers until the first hut is finished. Once it’s finished, your tribe can grow to a population of 15. Virtual Villagers 1 Puzzles/Milestones Guide: #6 The