How to fix a CD-ROM, DVD, or disc drive not working in Windows

Jun 24, 2009 · My Acer laptop has a factory installed CD/DVD RW installed and it recently has failed to recognize the CD drive. Every time I put a disc into the drive it wil spin the disc but will not read or open the programs. After opening the Computer Icon, it doesn't even show the CD drive on the program list. CD-ROM/DVD Drive won't work (Windows 7) [Solved] Oct 06, 2019 · When I put a CD-R or any disc in my system, it does not read it. When I went to Start > Computer and double click DVD RW Drive, it showed, "please insert disc". It didn't matter if it is was a blank disc or one with something on it. I recently took a tip from someone and got it to read CD's. However, I tried a CD loaded with a game in it. Why is my CD/DVD drive not working? - Dell Inspiron 1545 Have you tried using the same CD's/DVD's in any other devices, such as a DVD player? If the disk also does not work for the other device, then something is probably wrong with the disk. If the disk does work in a different device, however, then something is wrong with your laptop's optical drive.

Discs burned on a different computer do not play: Burn the disc again using another brand of blank disc. Use a lower (4x) burning speed, and confirm the burning session closed upon completion. Have a working CD or DVD available to complete the tests. Each test takes 1 to 2 minutes to run. Why isn’t my plug-and-play external DVD drive working? Apr 16, 2012 · My DVD burner in my Toshiba laptop stopped reading CDs so I went ahead and bought an external DVD-RW/CD-RW Gear Head device. It is not being detected via plug and play. After searching I saw alot of people with the same problem. CD player not working - Dell Community Dec 15, 2012 · CD player not working Hi Guys, my Laptop is 1 year old and it is out of warranty.. and now my CD drive is not working it is not recognizing any disk that i …

Discus and support IRQ Problem with Optiarc cd/dvd player? in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I upgraded to windows 10 from Windows 7 and now my cd/dvd player doesn't work.

laptop my lap top just turns off sometimes and after i took it in to be repaired because the cd player didnt work it - Acer Aspire 5610-4648 Notebook question Nejnovější tweety od uživatele Player1unknown (@Player1unknown1). Just a unknown person in this world. I am a Roblox developer that is creating a racing game Follow the actionable solutions in this topic to transfer all data like music, contacts, messages, files, photos, etc. from computer to iOS/Android, or vice versa. Our vision in establishing the Raspberry Pi Foundation was that everyone should be able to afford their own programmable general-purpose computer. The intention has always been that the Raspberry Pi should be a full-featured desktop… Note Hot-plugging the external USB Iomega Zip drive is not supported. This means you need to have the drive connected before you start Knoppix.

Jan 24, 2018 · If the CD-ROM works in Safe Mode but not in normal Windows, a running program is causing the issue, or the drivers are corrupt. Open Device Manager, highlight and remove the CD-ROM by pressing the delete key. After deleting the CD-ROM, reboot the computer. Windows should then detect the CD-ROM and reinstall it.

Why do I get no sound from audio CDs on my computer? Jan 24, 2018 · If you are using Windows, verify that the CD Audio is turned up properly by following the steps below. Check volume. Verify that a sound icon is on the bottom right side of the screen and that your sound is working properly elsewhere.If present, double-click … dvd and CD drive not working it will not… - Apple Community Jul 07, 2014 · I can now play all my DVD's and CD's. Wish I'd just done this in the first place. Matt. More Less. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the second time. 6. Release the keys. dvd and CD drive not working it will not … DVD Player Troubleshooting: Fix DVD Player No Sound Issue ★ Audio not working on DVD player might result from incorrect menu settings. Check for volume and mute to adjust sound settings back to normal. ★ Check if your DVD player switch settings is correct. ★ Another possible cause to no sound coming from DVD player is the selected audio track that the device might be powerless to handle. Solved: Acer laptop CD-Drive problem | Tech Support Guy